April A to Z B is for Books and Baby Birds

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April A to Z   Letter B~ Books and Baby Birds

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Day 2 of the April A to Z challenge for 2021 is letter B. I am writing about Books and Baby Birds today. 


In 2020 In addition to the annual Goodreads reading challenge, I joined a couple of Cozy mystery reading challenges.

This year, 2021, the only reading challenge I am signed up for is the annual Goodreads Challenge. Whoops I see that even though I have been reading steadily, I have not updated my Goodreads challenge page to reflect that. I have had several authors reach out to me, asking me to read and review books and I fell behind in my reading and reviewing commitments. I am mostly focusing on reading books I have promised authors I’d read and review before I take on any reading for fun on my own. 

I enjoy discovering new books, no matter the genre so I have plenty of reading material to keep me occupied for awhile. The reading isn’t so hard, Its just putting the reviews out there and feeling like I have not done the books justice. 

For some of the previous reading posts I have done, you can search ‘categories’ and type in Book, Review, or Reading and see what posts I’ve done about the topic previously.  There is one memoir that stands out to me from last year’s reading.  The Long Tail of Trauma it really helped to see how the cycle of trauma and mental health issues is passed down from generation to generation. It was quite eye opening and thought provoking. 

(2021)  Falling In Love With Gods Word 

(2021) Love At First by Kate Clayborn 

(2020) Kiss of Salt 

(2020) Love Lettering by Kate Clayborn


The Hand Lettering Workbook by Kammarada


I will be posting more about the cozy mysteries I’ve enjoyed soon.  If you love reading, come back and check that post out! 

currently Reading

The Cozy Bite Size Bakery Mysteries

To Read Soon for my book club

The Business of Botanicals


 My Amazon Reviews



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Baby Birds 

We  have two older chicks named Cream and Sugar. Then I have 4 babies that hatched that a neighbor is taking. This weekend so far, we have had 6 baby chicks hatch. One of them was not strong enough to make it.  In a few weeks, we have chicks coming for a 4H Chicken to Kitchen 4H Poultry Project to help a local food pantry.  So far, we haven’t had any luck with our duck eggs hatching yet this year, but spring isn’t over yet, and the male-to-female ratio is good, so there should be some fertile ones.  I love seeing the baby wild birds appear in my yard as they are leaving the nest and learning to fly.

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