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 A Chronic Voice Linkup April 2021

I am joining up at A Chronic voice for a monthly linkup. Sheryl provides us with monthly word prompts.

Chronic Voice Linkup

Aprils writing prompts are


It is getting more like Spring here with April showers that I hope will bring plenty of May flowers.  We have added chicks that we hatched. We also purchased a few ducklings from our local farm store. Have you tried duck eggs? They are awesome for baking. I also noticed that one of the hens has been staying in the coop laying on a clutch of eggs so more babies to come and there are fertile duck eggs in the incubator.

Starting seedlings to get the garden growing. That is more my husband and son’s project thought. I tend to focus more on the poultry part of homesteading.

Grounding is something that I felt recently when I felt like a teenager being punished. We had a covid scare during a recent foster child placement. Thankfully all was well for all of us. I got a bit of cabin fever during quarantine though. Surprising because I normally am a homebody anyway. I think it was more that I ‘couldn’t’ go anywhere not that I wanted to.

Luxuriating is what I experienced at the very end of March when I escaped with a few foster mamas for a weekend away. It was much needed and helped me get through all the things that popped up for us to deal with in April.

Daunting: Lately a lot of things seem daunting to me. Maybe that is because In March I had a bout of depression that I at times and still struggling to keep at bay. Exhaustion from health issues adds to the mix of making things seem harder than they should be.

Sustaining: We are working on building a more self sustaining lifestyle here on our homestead. With chronic health flares it can be very difficult to do everything we want or should be getting done though. It is nice to have homegrown food though.

So here I am on the very last day of April trying to get the post finished so I can link up. I am feeling I really want to make the blogging efforts a priority in my daily/weekly/monthly schedule.


I never completed my March Linkup Post: But here is what I wrote and intended to expand on.

The prompts for March are incorporating, breathing, smiling, stopping, relishing.

In March I am….

Incorporating:  self care

Breathing:  in the fresh ocean air

Smiling: Truly Smiling more, Not through a mask.  I learned after many years of struggle that “smiling through the pain” is not the healthiest choice. We need to break the stigma. 

Stopping: Stressful self sabotage (negative thinking) 

Relishing: every moment


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