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Eye-opening Book Dancing In The Narrows Review

85 / 100

Dancing Narrows


I was happy to be able to read and review a copy of

Dancing in the Narrows: A Mother-Daughter Odyssey Through Chronic Illness

 by Anna Penenberg

“When teen daughter Dana is struck down by chronic Lyme disease, single mother Anna begins a desperate, years-long struggle to save her daughter’s life.”

Dancing In The Narrows Book Review

I read an advance copy of Anna Penenberg’s memoir about her daughter  Dana Penenberg’s. Lyme recovery. The raw agony of a mother who is struggling to find medical help for her daughter. Anna is a single mother of two daughters. She tells of her own and her daughters struggle with her daughter Dana’s battle against Lyme.


I found the book brutally honest about the pain and struggle they endured trying to find a treatment that worked. I know from my friends struggling with chronic illness that there is a huge lack of knowledge and understanding about what daily life for a person living with chronic illness is really like. You won’t wonder after reading this book.


Elizabeth Taylor Quote

This Elizabeth Taylor quote sums up their attitude. They did not give up even when the obstacles felt impossible to hurdle. They kept fighting and searching day after day.

The book was an interesting read. It was filled with honest raw feelings that any mother would recognize and any chronic illness survivor can relate to.  It is an inspiring true life story that is worth the read. I highly recommend this book.

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Genre & Subject:    Nonfiction / Memoir / Body, Mind & Spirit

Demographic:   Lyme disease patients, healers, caregivers

Book Release Date:                                          July 7, 2020

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