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Goals and Lifelong Learning

I set myself a few goals this year to learn about a few new subjects. How about you do you have anything on your list that you want to learn more about this year? Do you have any big projects you want to get done on your homestead or home?



I have mentioned before that I consider myself a life long learner because I love learning new things and am often signing up for free information sessions.   A few months back I heard the term “Ultimate Bundles” mentioned. Not knowing what that was I had to look it up.

Though I have dabbled with the blog world off and on but never really felt the pull to really have a successful blog until this year. I have been devoting my time to learning what I can about blogging. Another love of mine is learning about Herbs and Essential Oils. Then I discovered that yep Ultimate Bundles had a bundle of courses and ebooks on that too.

Time Saving and Productivity

A few months ago I started trying to design a course on time saving and productivity. I was going to share it on Skillshare. Well I’m still struggling myself with time saving and productivity so I haven’t felt qualified to teach a course or write an ebook about it.

They have announced a new bundle coming soon called The Homemaking Bundle. 

I love my home, my family, and life. I really do! But you know what? It’s hard to keep our home calm and well-run, especially with all of the demands on your attention these days. Getting things organized, building strong relationships with those I love, hosting friends and neighbors, cooking delicious meals, and practicing self-care…it’s a lot to juggle sometimes, especially in seasons when you lack sleep like mothers often do. 😉 


A few years ago, I was particularly stressed and overwhelmed. Looking around at my home and to-do list, I realized something needed to change. In particular, I needed proven processes and systems in place to help me manage our home. 


While I pieced those things together, I really wish I’d had something like the Home Management Bundle to help me back then! 


For the past 10 years, Ultimate Bundles has collected a massive set of resources to help you manage your home as smoothly as possible. And after all these years, I’m learning new things and finding the right sources through every season of life.


If you’re like most women, your plate is full – especially right now, as we approach the holiday seasons. Caring for your home, your family, and yourself can be overwhelming…





What if you knew what was for dinner by 11am most days (or even days or weeks ahead)?


What if your kids pitched in to help with household chores?

What if you had no-brainer systems that kept your home tidy, your bathrooms clean, and your laundry caught up?


What if you could approach the holidays with joy and anticipation, instead of overwhelm and dread?

Wouldn’t that make you feel better about life in general, even when life gets a little chaotic? 


That’s why I absolutely love the Home Management Bundle — because nearly 50 women have contributed their tried-and-true resources to help you have a home that’s calm, organized, and well-run.

If you’ve never heard of it, the Home Management Bundle has been around since 2013, and since then, over 145,000 women have purchased a copy to learn practical strategies for decreasing stress and making a home (and life!) they love.

When you buy the Home Management Bundle, you’ll get access to:


36 eCourses & videos
10 eBooks
38 workbooks & printables

1 mummit

1 membership site


The creators behind these resources are nearly 50 women who have struggled with the same things you do but have learned (and will teach you) how to simplify your home, declutter & organize, put healthy meals on the table, and nurture strong family relationships.


Best of all, you can get the entire package, all for just $47. This is an insane 98% off the bundle value of $2,590.13! 


I’ll be back soon to tell you more details about this bundle sale, but for now…

Check out the Home Management Bundle right here: 

What do you think I should do? Maybe I need to do less reading and more cleaning?? Ha Ha.

One thing I really love about Ultimate Bundles is there happiness guarantee.
30 Day Happiness Guarentee goals

Tell me about you. What are your thoughts?

Am I the only one who loves finding new things to read and learn about? If you were going to write something to educate others what topic would you choose?

Do you have a favorite resource that you go to when you need information on time saving or organization?

Let me know in the comments.

Disclaimer:  I am an affiliate for Ultimate Bundles so I can get the bundles at a discount.  If you are interested in becoming an affiliate for them you can sign up here.

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