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Welcome  to Seeking Serenity & Harmony Blog Home. 

I am here to encourage you to live the life you dream of. Mentor you in finding the health & happiness you deserve. Please take some time, venture off the home page  and explore my site. Learn more about me and my mission in creating this website. Read the most recent blog posts here.

Seeking Serenity and Harmony at home on the homestead Image: Mom and Dad reading to a child says Simplify life, Saving Money, Spending more time with family

Let me help you figure out how to simplify life, save time and money and do more of the things that bring us joy and live the life we love. Grow with me as I learn to juggle all the balls of home making, homesteading, parenting, earning an income and all of those things that go along with adulting.

Another You are never too old to set another goal or dream another dream by Les Brown


My goal is to share, care and support. I am over the hill & still finding myself. Join me on the journey. Click To Tweet  Wife, Mom & Grammie. Aspiring Creative

My goals: Simplifying life. Time saving. Saving Money. Spending more time with family. Seeking Serenity & Harmony at home on the homestead while dealing with invisible chronic illness. Do you have goals? What are your hopes and dreams?

I dreamed of a home in the country and it came true. Image: Tea bag tag Believe you can and you will

Anything is possible. You CAN do it! I encourage you to follow that dream and reach for that goal. You are Worth It! You deserve happiness and to have your dreams come true!

Toby Kieth~ In A world Where You Can Be Anything Be Kind.


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