Currently Arranging, Craving, Discussing, Enjoying, Preparing.

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Currently Arranging, Craving, Discussing, Enjoying, Preparing.

I am linking up with  to chat about what we’re currently arranging, craving, discussing, enjoying, and preparing.

Arranging Currently we had to work on setting up new routines and schedules to adapt to the 2 new foster placements in our house.  We are also working on moving things around the house to give it a less cluttered and more functional status.

Craving  My downfall is craving for sugary things. I admit to being an addict to sugar, Coca Cola is the biggest culprit in my sugar intake.  During Easter time I indulged in way too many sugary peeps.

Discussing ~ There have been so many things that have been major topics of conversation at our household lately.  Assessing the children’s development and things related to our foster parenting. Planning our homesteads garden, poultry and other projects.

image of Currently Arranging pretty purple flowers

At the moment I am enjoying every bit of sleep I can get. With an infant in the house for the first time in 8 years it is quite an adjustment.  Being sleep deprived from a sleep disorder of my own makes it an even bigger challenge to feel that I have enough sleep. So when opportunity arises for a nap or bedtime I really do take pleasure in it.


Preparing~  We are preparing for our annual garden. We have a few seeds started inside but are a bit behind where we normally are at this time of year.  Or maybe it just seems that way.

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  1. It’s so wonderful when spring planting season comes back. Sounds like you have quite another season going on as well with new kiddos around – hope it is going great! Indulging in some Peeps sounds like it might be deserved for a little quiet moment among all you have going on 🙂

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