2019 Harmony Homestead Happenings

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Harmony Homestead Happenings

It is the first day of spring and yesterday my rooster found his crow. The days are getting longer and I am finding one duck egg a day. Now if only the hens would start laying again.

We had eggs due to hatch over the weekend. It was not a huge success.

I did have one poult who is seeming to be healthy and strong and another one who is struggling.

Welcome to the world!

Since turkeys do not do well alone and actually do well when they have some chicks in with them to teach them to eat and drink I had to head to Tractor Supply and see what was available to keep this lonely healthy poult company.

Wait this doesn’t look like chicks! I walked in and they had two ducks left over that were marked down to 50 cents because they had been there so long. Yes they had to come home with me.

I did end up getting some tiny bantam chicks to keep the healthy turkey poult company.

Dairy Queen was giving out free ice creams for the first day of spring and as it turns out it is also Happiness day. I had to skip the Dairy Queen as I’m not supposed to eat dairy. I did however try some Halo Dairy Free chocolate, peanut butter ice cream. It was so good.

Did you do anything to celebrate the first day of spring or happiness day today??

Do you have any interesting projects planned for spring? Leave your answer in the comments.


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