Saint Patrick’s Day Shenanigans

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Saint Patricks Shenanigans

This week I found a rainbow in my kitchen but there was no pot of gold at either end of it.

Food Ideas: Breakfast or brunch of gluten free dairy free pancakes with a bit of green food dye to make them festive. We made this recipe making sure to make it dairy free as well as gluten free.

A lot of my friends were having Lucky Charms for their St. Patrick’s breakfast.

We actually ended up doing a clean out the fridge night for dinner. Salad and Corn chowder. The corn chowder was made with Almond milk and Earths best spread since 2 of us have to be dairy free.

saint patricks
I really love this prayer graphic from Ireland and Peg’s Cottage. Wise words that we should live by every day and not just Saint Patrick’s day.

I learned an interesting tidbit today. Today is also the feast day for Gertrude of Nivelles, who is the patron saint of gardeners and cats. She also took care of travelers, she was a patron for those who had mental illness, recently diseased and also those who had a morbid fear of mice and rats. She had so many worthy causes she should get a bit of recognition on this day too.

St Patrick’s day cupcakes

Did you do anything special for St. Patrick’s or St. Gertrude today?

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