Repeating, Wondering, Turning, Getting, Desiring:June Linkup with A Chronic Voice

These prompts all jump out at me as feelings around my current struggle with my health. I have been in the E.R. twice in the last 5 days. I was told I was a “medical mystery”.  The first E.R. visit they said I was likely struggling with an inflammation flare. The second one after a tick had been found and removed at home and I was running a fever they said it could possibly be a tick borne illness and likely Lyme but that the tests were not showing anything.

Here We Go Again

So here we go again. I was determined this was the year I would take control of my health and get back on track. It seems it is always 2 steps forward and another 3 back. I know its not but it sure feels like it.  Struggling with my mental health by not letting the depression win along with my physical health battles.

Determined to Solve The Mystery

So I repeat my history and symptoms over and over and the solution to my health is still an unsolved puzzle.  I am wondering if I jinxed myself by setting the goal to get healthier this  year. Though I am always wondering about something. I love to explore and learn new stuff. My mind never seems to shut off though I’d love for it to.  I am turning to more natural methods of health remedies and hoping they will give me more help then the doctors rx’s have. It is very true that I am getting very frustrated in desiring to be healthier, happier and more productive.

I had events on my calendar that my health has decided to stomp down on my excitement and make me feel bad for not being up to par to participate the way I had wanted to.  I am so tired but I refuse to give up turning over stones and repeating myself until I find the answers and get the level of health I want.

Believe you can and you will