June Health & Wellness Roundup

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My May Goal Quick Recap

At the beginning of May I posted a roundup of activities, challenges and my goals. I wrote a post using specific prompts for May’s linkup on A Chronic Voice about my struggle with chronic illness. I made some improvement on some of my goals and fell very short on some. It is a new month and I am not giving up. It is a new month with a fresh chance to achieve those goals.

June Observations

This month there is National Adopt a Cat Month, National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month and National Camping Month. That is not all. There is also National Country Cooking Month,Flag Day and National Flag Month. Lets not forget Fathers Day and National Men’s Health Month. Though Men’s Health  Awareness is the whole month of June, there is also the week 10-16th dedicated to Men’s Health Week.

Continuing the list of June observances is National Papaya Month, National Pollinators Month, National Safety Month, National Soul Food Month. I like the idea of Rose Month and Great Outdoors Month. On June 27th is National HIV testing dayThere are many more that I have seen mentioned on other calendars that I have listed below.


Resources to check out

My favorite was this page that has  a printable calendar. There are many things that I did not see on other lists. I am kind of disappointed I missed doing a roundup of posts on National Egg Day (June 3rd).

The 16th is National Turkey Day so maybe I can get organized enough and write a homestead post about our efforts to successfully hatch and raise heritage turkeys.

June 10th is National Herbs and Spices day. That one has me excited because that will be the wrap up of the a 2019 vailability of the Ultimate Bundles Herbs and Essential Oils Bundle.

June Holidays and Observances 

National Holidays and Observances

WELCOA.org  June Health Observances

The Balance Careers website has a list of National Observances for June (not just health related)

Save the Date June 8th Grand Opening

On June 8th I will be revealing a giveaway to sort off officially kick off my blogs launching.  Tell me in the comments what would  you like to see for topics on my blog.



What's inside Herbs & Essential Oils Super Bundle plus cheatsheets

This month is also the only time to get the 2019 Ultimate Bundles Herbs and Essential Oils Super Bundle. I was able to purchase this bundle before it went public to preview. It has been one of my goals to learn more about herbs and essential oils as mentioned in previous posts. This bundle has so many eBooks and courses to help me along the way.  Not only that I receive the early bird bonus for free as well as several other physical product bonus’s including more products from Made On Skincare.

Made Pm Skin Care Hard Lotion Bars


In my efforts to improve my health and focus more on natural products I have to tell you about Made On Skincare I have fallen in love with their hard lotion bars. I got a great deal on this bundle thanks to my bonus from buying the Ultimate Bundles Herbs and Essential Oils Super Bundle.  One bonus is ” AnIntrigue Essential Oil roller perfume bottle, you will also receive a heart-shaped Beesilk lotion bar sample.” Or there was a special bonus deal when I logged in so I was able to purchase this large bundle of hard lotion bars in addition to my full size perfume roller and heart lotion bar sample. Have you ever tried hard lotion instead of the liquid stuff ? You really will be amazed.

There are way more bonus’s than just the made on skin care. Another one I tried and love is Puro Skin care they have a headache salve and a pain relief salve as well as bug bite salve.  There is so much to tell about this sale. I am loving all of these natural products plus tools (eBooks and Courses) to boost my learning about herbs and oils.

If you enjoy posts about Herbs & Essential Oils you May Also Enjoy this documentary that is running this week.  Here are some posts that I have previously written about herbs and oils.The Dandy Dandelion,

15 Tips to Decrease Summer Annoyances

Summer is pretty much here. I just realized I have less than a month to prep for our week long camping trip.  Do you like to camp or travel at all? If you like posts about books and reading challenges.  Or if you like to read about various places in the United States. Here is my post on Maine.

The outside is calling me. My teen daughter wants to do yard work. I am not turning down the opportunity to go out and give her a few instructions.

Until later. …

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