Here Comes Summer – Lets Plan

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Here Comes Summer: Let’s Plan

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It’s time for a tough choice! Would you rather revisit your favorite spot again and again or explore somewhere new each time? Share your preferences, and let’s see where the adventure takes us! ✈️ #ExploreVsRepeat #TravelChoices #AdventureAwaits


                                                             Its that time of year, school is getting close to being over, 
Use this template at the end of the school year for your child to exchange addresses with friends so you and the parents can arrange playdates and child care swaps. Moms coffee hours at the playground sound like a good idea?
Summer break is coming near. Have you thought ahead to what you would like your summer to look like? What does it look like for you? Are you working from home or do you need to arrange child care while you are working outside the home?  Are you planning to find a Find a summer camp for your kiddo to attend during the day?
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Have a family meeting with your kids and create bucket lists while discussing what everyone would like to do on their summer vacation. Then take ideas from each persons bucket list and make a family summer bucket list.
My friend Anna @Salt in My Coffee has a great post on low cost adventures. 21 Free or Cheap Bucket List Ideas


Planning Ahead for Your Summer With Kids and Working From Home

Planning ahead for summer when you’re working from home with kids can be a balancing act, but with some thoughtful preparation, it can also be a time of productivity, creativity, and quality family moments. As you navigate this unique situation, consider creating a flexible schedule that accommodates both your work responsibilities and your children’s needs for stimulation, supervision, and fun.
Communication is key. Sit down with your children and discuss your work schedule, explaining the times when you need to focus and the times when you’ll be available to spend time with them. Encourage them to share their ideas for activities they’d like to do during the summer months, and involve them in brainstorming ways to structure their days while you work.
Consider setting up designated work and play areas within your home to help establish boundaries and minimize distractions. Stock the play area with books, games, art supplies, and other activities to keep your kids engaged and entertained while you work nearby. You might also explore options for virtual camps, online classes, or educational apps that can provide structured learning opportunities for your children while giving you some uninterrupted work time.
Flexibility is key when juggling work and childcare, so be prepared to adjust your schedule as needed to accommodate unexpected interruptions or changes in your children’s routines. It can also be helpful to establish clear boundaries with your work colleagues and clients, letting them know upfront about your caregiving responsibilities and setting realistic expectations for your availability and response times during the summer months.
Don’t forget to carve out time for self-care and relaxation amid the busyness of summer. Prioritize activities that recharge your batteries and nourish your spirit, whether it’s taking a walk in nature, practicing mindfulness or meditation, or enjoying a quiet moment with a good book. By taking care of yourself, you’ll be better equipped to handle the demands of working from home while also being present for your children during the summer months.”


“Focus on keeping yourself and your family organized and excited for summer.” 
A simple visit with my friend Google can bring up so many resources for FREE printable bucket lists, schedules, and routine charts.
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Cara Harvey Plan your summer workshop  " Craft a vision for what you want the summer to look like, including making vision boards & choosing your word of the season." ~ Cara Harvey "make sure you have time for JOY (as well as getting things done)." CH

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