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Guest Post by Rescue Dog Productions Review of Sea Jerky for Dogs

82 / 100

Rescue Dog Productions


Note from SeekingSerenity and Harmony. I previously introduced you to Crafts 4 Rescues. She also goes by the name Rescue Dog Productions with her video’s to help rescue dogs find forever homes. She wrote a few blog posts to share here.

First Her introduction

Hi, I’m Rescue Dog Productions otherwise known as Victoria and I love animals. I make animal videos for youtube and I have three animals a dog named mya,a cat named mittens and a bunny named java. We also have ducks and chickens.

My message is to spread the word about rescue animals and to show how amazing and fun they are to be around. We hope you have fun reading about our animals ūüôā


Mya is an Australian cattle dog beagle mix I got when she was just a puppy, from a rescue who rescued her from a backyard breeder. She almost died from parvo and she would’ve if the rescue never stepped in. Mya is an active and lazy dog and she loves to learn. She is the first dog I have ever owned.she recently earned her AKC Novice Trick Dog Title. She is turning 4 this month.

rescue dog productions

Mittens is a mixed breed cat I adopted from a family member. He is about 6 years old he is skittish, but he is coming to be less skittish.

Java is a rex bunny I adopted She is about 1 year old.


Here is my review on Sea Jerky.


I went into blue seal one day and saw someone promoting sea jerky. I as a pet lover what wondering what was so special about these dog treats I learned that these treats help joint flexibility. They handed out samples and I got to try them out for Dodger,Mya & mittens.

In Mya (3yrs) and Mittens (5yrs) There wasnt a big difference. For Dodger (8yrs) there was a huge difference he is a lot more active and not stiff ill definitely buy some more of these treats.





Thanks For Reading I hope you enjoy your day ????

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