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2020 Goals Plans Hopes and Dreams

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2020 Goals Plans Hopes and Dreams

I am working  on having a clear vision for 2020

2020 Vision

Recognition Days

January is National Hobby Month. I loved this display my library did.  One of my big hobbies I am working on as usual is my reading challenge. I would like to spend some time getting into some arts and crafts this winter as well. Instead of trying to learn a new hobby I am going to focus on completing my partially finished projects from years past.

Sunday January 19th is National Hug Day. Interestingly enough none of the teens wanted to celebrate it today. Plenty of free hugs from the preschooler though. She got Kindness award @ School recently.

I am the super kind student of the day


2020 Goals for Reading  I am doing the #2020CozyChallenge


and I am also doing the annual Goodreads Challenge

One of the books I am reading is Love Lettering that I received free from SheSpeaks.com to read and review.


Goals & Productivity

I’ve been feeling very overwhelmed this year well it started last year or well maybe way before that. This year I am focusing on being less distracted, more mindful and prioritizing what needs to be done.

I am trying very hard to ignore those annoying extra open tabs. I like dropping things into a ‘brain dump’ on a page each day and not being stressed to ‘have to remember later’ then items that are not that days priorities can later be moved to the appropriate spot in my planner.

A few  ladies have helped me with organizing with trello. Cara Harvey‘s 15 Minute Formula ,Organize Your Life With Trello and Purpose Driven Mom Club.

Productivemama.com has also had some great resources. I use her work at home mom trello pack.

Homestead Goals/Plans for 2020

Meal Planning: More Meals From Scratch

Poultry: Chicks

To help me decide on my poultry planning this year I came across this great resource on a fellow homesteaders blog  https://farmingmybackyard.com/chicken-cheat-sheet/

Gardening: Seedlings  My teen son has been working on his green thumb with some house plants and it won’t be long before I have to start figuring out which seedlings we need to start when. Thanks to some other homesteaders I have a great collection of resources to help me figure this out.

2020 Goals

My #1 Goal right now is to beat the depression and overwhelm and get back to writing. The other goal is I want to do much more writing pieces that are helpful to advocate for others.

I want to help break the mental health stigma that keeps so many from getting help. I want to make a difference for the children and teens who are suffering and to start seeing the mental health numbers in youth declining instead of increasing.

Maybe it is an unrealistic dream but it is my dream.

Current Giveaways

Try New Things Giveaway 2020

More Function Less Space Giveaway (Ends 2/18) Key Smart

I LOVE our Door Buddy: Giveaway Ends 2/18/2020


I am linking up at https://www.unexplainedunderfootobjects.com/2020/01/family-homesteading-off-grid-blog-hop-49.html

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  1. OMG! I can totally relate to making a goal to finish old projects. I totally do that! You are definitely my spirit animal! I’m making a goal to be more creative! I even made a creativity challenge of my own for my blog! ‘Tis the season for art! I love Hobby Month! And, I used to work at Barnes & Noble for ten years, so get those reading goals, girl! Good luck on all your challenge goals!

  2. I too need to work on not getting distracted & focus on my priorities. I haven’t put anything into place yet. Good luck with your reading challenges!

  3. Great post! I have a 2020 Goals blog post scheduled to come out this week as well! I find it essential to make goals to work towards! If you don’t make a plan, how can you know where you’re going? You do a great job here laying out your goals. I look forward to reading more of your posts!

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