Suzy Snooze Smart Night Light #1 sleep Soother Baby Monitor

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Suzy Snooze Night Light, Sound Machine and Monitor

Suzy Snooze

This is  something I would think about adding to my wish list if I was expecting a baby.  The alternative that I found and ended up buying is the Hatch Rest which I will be reviewing soon. 

The combination of a monitor and sound machine with night light would have been awesome to have when my twins were newborns. 

Why would a sound machine benefit? Here is an article about how white noise can help soothe babies. I know from having my six kids that sometimes it was so difficult to calm the baby because they couldn’t tell you what was wrong. So many moms mentioned that sometimes running the vacumn or other noises were what calmed their baby down.  

No matter which sound machine model, I think it is a great idea. Add in the fact that it has night light and monitor included and I really like the one product that is multipurpose.  Our 5 year old uses our hatch rest nightly. 

I had never heard of this product Suzy Snooze  before my friend Stefanie @ Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan too posted a review and giveaway for one. 

My teen saw me looking at this and said ” I need one of those to help me sleep”.  Them waking up too early isn’t a problem but they both have trouble falling asleep. Perhaps if I had had something like this to help with sleep training when they were younger?  I added it to my Amazon wish list for now so that I can remember to keep it in mind as a goal to get one to see how it helps with insomnia for me or getting to sleep for my teens. 

If you know someone having a baby recently I think this would be a great gift or an idea for the expectant mama to put on her registry. Go on over to Stef’s blog and enter to win.

A few last minute thoughts: Folks say ‘Sleep Like a baby” but babies wake up every few hours… Another sleep term I’ve always loved is “Cat Nap”. I guess its a dogs life at least for our dogs who plop down and sleep whenever they feel like it. 

 Good Night Sleep Tight

Don’t let the bed bugs bite

a joke I saw somewhere said: 

(if you have bedbugs you should get a new mattress)



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