April 2021 A to Z Challenge Cozy Mysteries

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Last year I discovered a few cozy mystery challenges and had fun reading books by several different authors.

ACF BOOKENS is one that I have read a lot of. The Harvey Beckett books are my favorite. I just realized I am behind by a few books and need to catch up and see what Harvey has been up to lately.


Sandy Bay Series by Amber Crewes a fun series of books with food/bakery themed titles and murders galore.


The most recent one I read was Slaughter of a Wedding Cake.


Ellen Riggs Dog Town Cozy Romance Mysteries was a really fun series to read. Interestingly Dog Town and Bought the Farm books both have familiar characters .

Swine and Punishment by Ellen Riggs I love her Bought the Farm series and have read most of it so far.  A streak of bad cluck was fun. I ended up getting hooked on both Dog town and Bought the Farm series. 



Fern Grove Series by Abby Reede




Cozy Mysteries Challenges


Rosie A Point



Wendy Meadows Alaska Cozy Mystery Series and her Sweetfern Harbor Mysteries are my favorite series of hers.

I hope this gives you a good idea of some fun Cozy Mysteries to read.

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