Book Review Mikey’s Treasure

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Book Review: Mikey’s Treasure


Mikey’s Treasure is a 30-page children’s picture book by Missy Moe Hap and Illustrated by Tanya Zeinalova. It was published in September of 2023.  The book published in the English language is rated for ages 4–7. 

About the author: Missy Moe Hap is a mother of two and lives in Perth, Australia. She had this imaginative idea in her head and, with the help of a friend, transformed it into a book. The story is about keys hanging in a hardware shop. Mikey is the smallest of the uncut keys, and while waiting to be cut, he daydreams that he is the key to pirates’ treasure. His other key friends are  Pembroke the Grandfather Clock Key and Bumble the Garden Bee. This story is about how Mikey embarks on an adventure to find out who he is meant to be.

This book features interactive illustrations ( find the hidden objects in the pages.)

This story has educational value as it “teaches preschoolers beginner reading skills, vocabulary, and sight words, along with valuable life lessons about being helpful and improving self-confidence. ”  This story is about being unique—about being yourself!

Book Review for the Book Mikeys treasure Green cover shows grandfather clock, door, treasure chest and 3 keys that are characters
Book Review for Mikey Treasure

The writer kept the characters engaging with the reader; the storyline of being your authentic self and not wanting to be just like someone else is a very valuable lesson. One that even I, as an adult, still struggle with. With pirates and witches, some children might find it overwhelming if you have an overly anxious child. However, the storyline about finding yourself and being yourself are good goals to talk about


I would recommend seeing if you can find this book at the library or a read-aloud session on YouTube so you can see for yourself if it would be of interest to your child or classroom.  I only read the eBook; it may be different to have a paper copy in hand. Actually, for kids, I would recommend the paperback over the eBook. Let’s have more reading and fewer screens (at my house, any way we need to cut back).



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