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I am joining up with a chronic voice September linkup. The Prompts for the Month are FINDING,RESEARCHING,DATING,REUSING,RECOUNTING

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Last weeks Five Minute Friday word prompt was Pace and I did not get the post written in time. I haven’t been doing much writing lately. I miss it. I just seem to be in a funk with brain fog keeping me from focusing long enough to write. Its difficult writing anything that I think is something someone would want to read.

Pace though goes along with the prompt in A Chronic Voice’s September linkup “Finding“.  I have complained for a long time about not having enough time. With chronic illness you have to learn fast to pace yourself. I have good days where I tend to feel up to wanting to do a marathon cleaning session and make tons of plans. Then I find myself set back for days. Overdoing it can send me and many others into needing several recovery days. Days when it is hard to get out of bed, it is hard to focus and it is beyond frustrating.

I miss writing even if no one reads it. Though I do enjoy it more if I know someone read it and that maybe I was able to help someone somehow.

I have been doing a lot of Finding (or trying to find answers), Researching (my symptoms and natural ways to improve my health) and Recounting (to the medical professionals) my symptoms and looking at my calendar to find dates of flares to try to find a pattern.

I am still on the journey to finding myself or I guess I should say towards finding the best me I can be. I am of the mindset that we all always have room to grow. I love learning so spend time reading and trying to keep my mind active learning new things or just escaping into a good book for a mini mental vacation.

Seeking Serenity and harmony Book & Music Corner

Speaking of reading I recently finished reading City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert. The story of a 19 year old girl who drops out of Vassar and ends up living with her aunt in N.Y city. Her aunt happens to be running a theater company. The timeline is in the 1940s. Typically I don’t get into books in that era but this one sucked me in. It was a nice vacation from reality.   You might find it interesting to add to your list of books to pick up from the library for winter reading.

What’s happening in September? It is Suicide prevention month and Pain Awareness month.  I just saw a startling statistic that I don’t dare quote off the top of my head. It showed the number of suicides that happen due to chronic pain.

What I find difficult is seeing the numbers of mental health issues soaring in our young people. I want to make a difference but am not sure if it is possible or the best way to attempt to make that happen.

I had my brain and c-spine scans for my neurologist this month. I go for nerve conduction testing on Monday.  Hopefully September will bring some answers on the health front.

For suicide prevention month please share my post about Hold On For One More Day. 

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