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How Can It Be April Already?

Okay technically its not April for a couple of more days. But we are gearing up for Easter on Sunday and then April 1st comes around the corner on Monday. How can it already be we are heading into Easter weekend and ending the month of March.   I had so much more I wanted to have done by now. But I will Restart, Reset and Don’t Quit.

I am linking up with Five Minute Friday today. In the Five minute Friday linkup we set a timer for 5 minutes and free write about the word prompt, then share.

You can read more about how to participate here.   I have been determined to get back into practicing my writing. I have already completed a course in writing for children. Since I’ve been fostering I’m even more wishing I could write and publish some books to help these kiddos through their trauma. Then I look on Amazon and imposter syndrome starts making me feel like I don’t measure up. I’m going to keep pushing those negative feelings aside and keep taking baby steps towards those writing goals.

” In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable. “. Dwight D. Eisenhower

I’m not going into battle (other than battling my procrastination) but I am going to stop procrastinating and do better at planning and follow through.  I heard this quote this past week “You wouldn’t shame a baby for taking their first steps, but then immediately falling down. You’d celebrate. So celebrate yourself for all your own baby steps too!”~ Faith Mariah  

I need to stop feeling ashamed for not having gotten as far as I think I should and recognize the baby steps I have taken.

I will be participating in the April Blog A to Z challenge this coming month. Trying to decide which topic my readers are most interested in reading:


Book Nook

Mental Health, Invisible Illness & Self Care

or if they only show up for my Linkup Posts

Drop me a comment and tell me your thoughts.

                                                                                        Goodbye March


                                                                                     Hello April



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