Finally Friday

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Finally Friday


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I do not like to rush time. I mean, it seems to fly by so fast on its own as it is. However, Fridays seem to be my favorite day of the week.  Fridays mean we are winding down from the rush rush rush busyness of the house, home from school work and appointments, trying to do things that need to be done at home, having dinner and homework, and squeezing in a bit of family time amongst all the afternoon and evening routines.

And yes, on the days we use routines, things go much smoother, and I start my next day much better. Lately, however, it has been a struggle to maintain routines and structure. The house is a huge chaotic mess from everyone running in and out, dropping things, and trying to multitask several projects. I just can’t keep this pace up much longer…

I need a slower pace of life, as do the rest of my household members. Well, most of us. The dogs need more activity, and with the nicer weather now, we need to add more walking time. I do notice that the time I get outside does lift my mood and make it easier to be positive and productive. 

Fridays mean more family time—time to maybe get a few minutes of relaxation. Long gone are the days of afternoon naps, even on the weekend. I am so tired. Chronic illness and caregiving do not balance well. Or maybe it’s just my expectations of myself that I feel I have to do it all and I struggle to delegate, feeling that if I ask for help, “I’m not enough; I’m  not doing enough. It’s time for a break. Time for a slower pace. Now I have to figure out how to intentionally make this happen.

Its Finally Friday (For now)

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