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The Blame Game is a waste of energy. 

I am linking up with Five Minute Friday today. In the Five minute Friday linkup we set a timer for 5 minutes and free write about the word prompt, then share. You can read more about how to participate here.  This weeks word prompt is blame. The use of the word blame is to mean to assign responsibility for a fault or wrongdoing.

I linked up with FMF for the first time on May 7, 2019. You can read my past FMF posts here.   Every week I get the prompt in my inbox and have the intent to take the time and write a thought provoking post. Since I only have two pages of FMF posts written, I’d say I often let the commitment to writing time slide. Who do I have to blame for this ‘busyness’ that keeps me from writing? No one but myself. Sure I do a lot of taking care of others, the house etc… but reality is its all procrastination. I don’t faithfully write because I fear failure. I fear not being as good as the other writers.

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Yet I have a story to share. I have hope and hopefully help to give others. What is to blame for it not being written? My fear, my procrastination. Today that changes. I am using
Kate’s writing tracker to challenge myself for the next 30 days to write 500 words a day on my writing projects.


Some resources on how to stop the blame game.







Fun tidbit ~If you use the word blame in scrabble it nets you 9 points.

Image of scrabble tiles spelling out the word blame

Don’t blame scrabble

Trying to be funny I think about how I get blame the game when I don’t like the scrabble tiles I get.

P.S. I love these games that are in boxes that look like a book. Someday I can afford them to go on my bookshelves…Wondering if I can figure out how to craft some that look just like books.