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Over The Hill Linkup and Giveaways

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over the hill is not too old mountains with a purple gray sky

Over the hill is not too old. Do you agree? As I write this blog post it is my 56th birthday. I am thinking all of the things I want to do still. At times I catch myself thinking I’m too old for that. Or having a history of chronic health struggles and flare ups makes me think something will be too hard.

Remember Over The Hill Is NOT Too Old

So many missed opportunities due to my learned negative thinking. As I get older I am continuing to try to be wiser. I am working hard to not let limiting beliefs control my life. Looking at other blogs I tend to catch myself thinking “I’m not good enough”. I want to write and I want to have a blog that earns an income to help support my family. I am not going to let my negative thoughts and self doubt convince me to quit.

Instead of thinking about gifts I might get I am giving away something today. I am giving you a reminder to not quit, a reminder that you ARE good enough. A reminder that you should follow your heart and your dreams.

But that is not all I am also giving away $25.00 in free Usborne books and more to help with your childs 2020-2021 schooling year. https://kingsumo.com/g/jsw96p/my-birthday-giveaway

King Sumo lets me know if you referred others. If you refer others to this giveaway you get extra entries!


You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!

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  1. Hi my name is Cal. And I agree that it helps to always have an excellent outlook in life and avoid negativity. As they say, winners don’t quit. There is always silver lining in everything. You learn one way or the other.

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