A Chronic Voice Linkup Oct 2020

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Oct 2020 A Chronic Voice Linkup

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I am joining up with A Chronic Voice Oct linkup.  Using the five word prompts given: Producing, Acquiring, Switching, Disappointing, Forming

PRODUCING  I worked on producing a few herbal remedies for cold and flu season. I am also trying to produce more home cooked food and preserving the goods that our garden was producing for us this summer.

ACQUIRING The things I and my family might need if there is another state lockdown here or if we get hit with a bad winter storm that requires us to survive without all of our conveniences that we rely on daily.


Our schedule has had some switching. We switched internet providers in the hopes of saving money and stress as so many of us here are relying on it for school and work.


This weeks Five Minute Friday linkup prompt was “Disappoint”.  I was disappointed in myself that yet another week had gone by without me writing some blog posts and being active in the blogging community.

I feel like time has been something I have not been able to manage lately. Honestly I am fighting burnout and depression. We had a stressful month here this month. Who am I kidding most everyone has had more stress than usual in 2020.


I did have a phone consult and some new plans we are forming to use some more herbs and natural resources to get my systemic inflammation under control. I have to be honest I have not been doing great at all with self care especially with being disciplined and making healthy choices.  New plans are forming and I feel hopeful that I can regain some energy and decrease the pain and inflammation.

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