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Aug 2019 Linkup Chronic Voice

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August Chronic Voice Linkup

 I am linking up with the chronic voice community. We are writing about the prompts capturing, financing, controlling, exchanging and motivating. I spent a bit of time playing with graphics in Canva to try to express some of my thoughts via images. I am having trouble concentrating so finding words is difficult.


I have been trying hard to capture the moments. The moments that I am feeling good. I am trying to capture a positive voice instead of spewing negative whining. I am trying to capture memories of those happy moments in life. All of this capturing is exhausting but it is not nearly as exhausting as the daily struggle with chronic fatigue and pain.


Financing is tough, especially when you spent years of poor financial habits and are struggling to stay afloat and undo all of the damage that was done by accruing debt and spending carelessly. Add in surprise medical costs that come with chronic illness. I am trying very hard to learn to make and stick to a budget. It is exhausting brain work but I am not going to give up.


Controlling the pain and the chaos of life. Sometimes we tend to try to be too controlling if we have a certain personality. Sometimes we need to just be able to have control over one little thing so we don’t feel that our whole life is out of our control.



I am working on exchanging some of my unhealthy habits for healthy ones. One example is working harder on thinking positively instead of negatively.  I am trying to drink water instead of soda. I am trying to be more controlling of my time so that I am not losing it to mindless activities.



I am listening to my twins listen to their senior advisor speak to the senior class about motivation and how important it is to succeed.

Motivating is sometimes a big struggle for me. I have so many things I want to get done, but finding the motivation is difficult due to my lack of energy and high pain level. So many days I feel like just doing nothing, and then I feel guilty for not being more productive.





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  1. Thanks for joining us again! So true thats sometimes focussing on one small thing we can control helps so much coping wise. And yes when struggling with chronic fatigue and pain, even capturing happy moments is so tedious, yet so important. Here’s to a hopefully good mix and balance! x

  2. Hey Laurie! Struggling with pain can be devastating – it’s really important to find motivation and strength. I would definitely recommend putting your thoughts on paper – definitely the good ones, the positive aspects of your life, what good happened, what can you be grateful for. Do it every day for a few minutes, it will help with finding motivation and capturing the good in your life.

  3. Like you said, financial habits… It is just a habit. Any habit can be formed and becomes natural over time. I’ve been living well below my means and budgeting ever since I started making my own money and I assure you, sticking to a budget will become incredibly easy and normal over time. People usually spend money on stuff they don’t need to make themselves happier but it turns out to be quite the opposite in the long run.

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