September Linkup with A Chronic Voice

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September Linkup 2020



Feeling  Thanks to chronic health issues I often struggle mentally and physically with feeling fatigued and or exhausted. I am trying to do more listening to my body and making sure to allow myself some time to rest when needed. Otherwise I have learned the hard way that not performing self care will lead me to feel worse and have a harder recovery after  a setback. 

Grueling  means “exhausting, very tiring” according to It says it was begun as a slang around 1850 such as a “grueling punishment”.  Trying to stay on top of all of my responsibilities while fighting fatigue and pain has been grueling as of late. Though thinking back it is not nearly as tough or difficult as it was a year or more ago. I think I might have made a few baby steps forward.

 Tempting So many temptations. Chocolate and comfort foods that aren’t so good for me. Temptations due to fear of missing out I am always being drawn to the next course or activity. For my health mentally and physically I have to start resisting more of both kinds of temptations. 

Image Description: woman sitting on bed with coffee and open notebook and pen. Says Book and Music Corner. Seeking Serenity and

Running Prior to Covid putting us in pandemic mode I had planned to not run but walk a 5K.  I had a full knee replacement in Aug of 2018 and a partial knee replacement on my other knee Oct 2019. I had determined as  I was recovering last fall that I wanted to walk in the 4H 5K Dec 2020. Due to the pandemic and me feeling like I am physically running in empty I won’t be running or walking any 5K’s this year. 

September Linkup Running

Mending  I recently caught up on a small pile of mending . I’m taking the word literally referring to repairing clothing. If I was to take the word more broadly there are other things I could be mending (repairing). There are always room for tiny rips to be repaired in relationships.


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