2024 Expectations Vs Realities

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2024 Expectations Vs Realities

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At the end of 2023, I was all gung ho; this was going to be the year that I completed X, Y and Z. Okay I start most years like that and then, of course, things happen.

So why do we end up disappointing ourselves by not meeting our own expectations of ourselves? Are we expecting unrealistic things? 

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I’ve followed productivity coaches for years, always trying different planners and apps to get myself organized and get it done.  I end up not following through. Why? because I never finish making my plan…

Trying to not let myself go down that road where discouragement and negativity win.   Because I’m working on a new attitude. I’m working on it; it isn’t going to happen overnight. I’ve struggled with negative thinking as far back as I can remember. I need to remind myself that I can’t change it all overnight. Beating myself up because I’m feeling bad about myself for not following through and getting a ton crossed off my to-do list is not going to help me. If your thoughts go on that spiral, it won’t be helping you either. Patterns and old habits die hard. Donna Kozik says, “Don’t compare and despair.”

The first step to making change is  to visualize how you want things to be. Dream and then write down your ideal—the who, what, where, when, and what you’d view as the perfect day, the perfect life. What do you want it to look like? Then start taking steps toward that dream. 

What is in store for my 2024?? Every year, as it races to the end, I say the next year will be better, and at every years end, I find myself repeating, “Maybe Next Year.” It is time to stop saying “Maybe Next year” and make a decision and a plan and JUST DO IT!!

What I wrote at the end of 2023 about how I wanted 2024 to be (but did not follow up with a plan of how to get there).

Vision: "More self-sustainability, serenity, and harmony. "What's something you look forward to in the months ahead? "family time warm blankets and good books home-cooked, warm meals" This  Maine 60-year-old wife, mom, gram, foster parent etc... wants to increase Mental Health awareness to reduce the stigma. I blog to seeking serenity and harmony, hoping that I can use my favorite hobby of writing to help someone else see they are not alone and there is light at the end of the tunnel.
5 months into the year 2024, I may not be where I wanted to be, but I am further than where I was when I started.


I am now freelancing regularly at Salt In My Coffee and that has really made me feel good. Also, I blogged regularly for the A to Z April challenge and that is a first. So if I keep chugging along baby steps some days and giant steps others, I may get closer (and even at the finish line?) to where I want to be on most of my goals for this year. You can too!



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