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Awhile ago I saw a post saying a fellow blogger was looking for bloggers from various states. I was able to write about the state of Maine which is coming soon on Jess’s blog.  If you are a travel bug or just want to escape from reality and pretend you are traveling you have to check this series out.

So far she has posted Florida, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Arizona, Arkansas, Utah,  Tennessee, Kentucky,  MississippiOregon, North Dakota,  South Carolina (Part 1), 

That is 12 out of 50 states so far. What do you think will be next? Do you have a state you are looking forward to reading more about?

I know when I was doing my homework and thinking and writing about Maine I came across a lot more information than I put in the post. I enjoyed writing about the great state of Maine and maybe I will write more about it some other time.


Meanwhile stay tuned for your favorite state. Hop over to Jessica’s blog and read some of these posts and like, comment and share.

Thanks for reading. Until next time…

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Updated:  Here is my post on Maine. Please check it out. It was my first ever guest post and I am a bit excited.

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