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what mommy doesWhat I do & What I hope to do

I am still considered a newbie in the blogging world and am really hoping that as I am learning new information
I can share things that are helpful to those who read my blog.
Some days trying to learn and improve my blog I just feel a lot of information overload and get
paralyzed not knowing where to start with improvements. I hope you stick with me as I learn and grow along with my blog. 
I started my blog not only as a way to do something I love which is writing but as a way to hopefully help others.
I am hoping that in something I say or share I can help someone else.

What Mommy Does

Well besides cook, clean, change diapers and all of those things that mommies  do.  There is a great blog run by Lena and you guessed it. It is called What Mommy Does.
The information is not about changing diapers or removing baby vomit from your shirt.
It is about blogging and being able to earn an income from your blog while being at home with your favorite creations. Your kids. 
Do you know Did you know she has several great courses.  
There is a wealth of free information on her website What Mommy Does as well.  I encourage you to check it out. 
I do not have a success story to share yet but I am a work in progress as really we all are.