The Very Best of Maine 2019 Series

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Need An Escape From Reality_ Check Out the Best of the U.S. Posts @ Sorting Lifes Issues With Jess. (1)

My first guest post

My guest post is about Maine. It is at Sorting Life’s Issues With Jess. She is featuring bloggers writing about all of the different states. You should venture over and check it out. You can check out my guest post here  The Very Best of Maine.


I may  be following up with another post on Maine in the very near future. Stay tuned, subscribe to my newsletter.

I promise I don’t send Spam

I promise I am not a fan of spam unless it is the kind in a can.

I do occasionally enjoy that to bring back memories of my childhood. In trying to eat healthier to get healthier Spam in a can is a very rare treat. Now I want to go order a case of it LOL. This reminds me of my favorite scene from one of my daughters favorite movies Soul Surfer. We love inspiring true life stories of overcoming or dealing with struggles. This scene is not my favorite because of Bethany’s struggle. It is Spam related though.

I digress

But I digress this post is supposed to be about Maine and not about Spam of any kind. It is getting that season where getting out to view various spots in Maine to photograph are going to be much easier. Stay tuned….

Need An Escape From Reality_ Check Out the Best of the U.S. Posts @ Sorting Lifes Issues With Jess.

Updated:  Here is my post on Maine. Please check it out. It was my first ever guest post and I am a bit excited.

I know when I was doing my homework and thinking and writing about Maine I came across a lot more information than I put in the post. I enjoyed writing about the great state of Maine and maybe I will write more about it some other time.

image of lake with cloudy sky distant view of the mountains. small bit of sandy beach visible.
Photo Credit: Laurie Harmon.

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  1. I clicked through and read your post in Maine. It sounds so beautiful! I’ve never been to Maine but I would love to go visit some day. My husband and I are starting to make a bucket list of places we want to travel….I will add this to it.

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