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Hold On 1 More Day Informative Resources

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Hold on


Hold On, Hold On for One more day. Inspired by the Wilson Phillips Song. A list of resources and information. Hang on tightly, Hold on, Don’t let go. Your Life Matters.

The other day I saw an article that with the warmer weather comes a spike in suicide rates. Who would have thought it? I would have thought the rates were higher during the winter when so many of us seem to struggle with depression more. 

In giving it thought I wanted to put something out there that maybe will give someone hope. Maybe I can give someone ideas to help them hang on for one more day, and one more day after that.

Ways to hold on for one more day

One way I have found to get through the worst of times is to listen to Music to encourage and uplift. Favorites that come to mind are Wilson Philips Hold on for one more day and Journey Don’t stop believing.

Use  creative expression get out art supplies and let it all out. Express your feelings through a creative outlet.

Most important perhaps is  talk to someone. If you find it feels like no one is listening. Keep trying to find someone to listen. PLEASE DO NOT GIVE UP!!

There is a quote I have seen floating around. I don’t know who said it first.              “Talking about your mental health is not attention seeking!”

One way to prepare for the worst days is by having a list of folks you can call or text when you need someone to listen. Write down everyone you can think of  that you can call on with their phone numbers. Put that list somewhere handy when you feel you are in a danger zone.

Here is a blog post that I found that has uplifting quotes for when you feel like giving up. Don’t give up!!

Find a distraction by watching a funny sitcom on tv. Escape into a good book. Maybe take a nap.

Make sure to take care of you and reach out and get help when you need it. Please do not give up on yourself.

I needed to come back and edit. Despite Pain has a really great distractions from pain post that has a lot more great ideas to add to your tool box.


August to Autumn Is a post I wrote about the masks we put on when struggling with depression. I hope that it offers someone the knowledge that they are not alone and the encouragement to reach out for help.   We need to all work together and help break the stigma of mental illness.

Mental Health: Suicide It Can Happen To Someone You Know

Especially now during the Covid pandemic even more folks are struggling with their mental health. It is more than ever important that we let others know that they are not alone.

We need to let them know there is hope and help. I know so many people that have struggled with depression and mental health issues and try to hide it. They should not feel shame for struggling. They deserve hope, help and hopefully happiness.

Coming soon I am working on some self care projects to share with you.  It is important to take care of yourself than ever. As we enter the winter season even folks will be struggling with Seasonal Affective disorder.  Add that to what is already going on and it is very important we work at improving our mental health and letting those who are struggling to know that it is okay. That they are not alone.



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  1. I love Banksy. I had no idea that the warmer months bring on more suicides. It is all so tragic. Praying that you will
    encourage someone with your post. Even one would be so wonderful. Your FMF neighbor. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by. I agree I really would have thought winter would be higher rates. I thank you for your encouragement.

  2. Truly inspiring post. It really is a surprising fact but depressed people usually hope they would feel better when the spring comes or summer but if they don’t feel any better and they are dealing with suicidal thought usually all the hope fades away. Not speaking from my own experience but I do knew people who were dealing with it but don’t anymore. It helps if you have someone to talk to.

    When I’m down music helps the most and Youtube motivational video are also very uplifting. I listen to them whenever I can, even while running. Thanks for sharing this post with us!

  3. Nice post. It’s hard to see hope in that moment of despair and think “one more day”, but it is so true. We need to be aware on a good day that there will be a dark day, and to know there is still hope. Ride the day out and hope for a better tomorrow.

  4. I love using art and creative outlets when I’m feeling down, stressed, anxious or even depressed. Exercise and listening to music also help!

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