A penny saved is a penny earned

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Penny Saved

A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned


With all of the fuss over TLC’s extreme coupon show more people are talking about the use of coupons. I see so many posts and wonder “how do they do it?”.
The answer is first they set aside the time and focus on it. This is where I lose by not making time to sort coupons and match sales. When I do bother to make the time I do save money.I was just cleaning out a pile of papers that had built up in my office and found notations I had made from a Hannaford Shopping trip on July 5th. I spent 37.82 but saved 32.18. I ended up with free peroxide, free fresh peas, free cubed steak. I paid .27 cents for an angus steak. I got cat litter for half price and almost free wax paper. All because I took the time. My goal to do more of this and see how much I can save over the year to put towards other bills.I won’t ever be an ‘extreme’ coupon shopper as we’ve heard and seen there is a lot of fraudulent use of coupons on that show. I just want to save some money on my family’s grocery bill and make our money stretch further each month.Do you coupon? Share with us your top tips for those new to this and I’m hoping to have a giveaway soon. Who knows you just might be the lucky winner.Every penny saved counts


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