Gluten Free Living: My 1st review for you

82 / 100


Gluten Free My First Review For You

Celiac disease diagnosis and diet changes

Having been diagnosed with Celiac Disease this past year. This means I  had to make major dietary changes. If you are familiar with celiac disease you know what a challenge this has been.The hardest thing I have found to replace is hamburger and hot dog buns.



I hear UDI’s makes a good one but I have not been able to locate them in my local stores. My only option has been Kinnikinnick Hot dog rolls. Out of a 5 star rating I give them a 2. They are very dry and a hard roll, Nothing like a traditional whole wheat soft hot dog bun. It crumbles as you eat it. I will just eat my gluten free hot dog’s bunless if this bun is my only option.

For those who have had to go gluten free, What has been your biggest challenge? What is your favorite gluten free food? I am always looking to try something new.

Celiac Disease

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