Thanksgiving 2019 Being Grateful

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I love the way Delilah describes November

November is when seasonal changes are the most obvious. Deciduous trees have shed their camouflage and now stand sentinel over our streets and pathways, promising to be the watchmen over the harsh realities of winter. The morning air is crisp and hits our lungs like and exclamation point at the end of a sentence, filling us with excitement for the day ahead. And, unashamed, we leave our homes and face the world draped in layers of what we like to call “sweaters and scarves” but what we really know are security blankets that help us to feel a little better and more protected against the world.

So before Winter and her short, dark, and sometimes gloomy countenance becomes The House Guest That Would Not Leave, I encourage you to get serious about this gratitude stuff too – because it will see you through to the first green shoot, the first little bud, and the longer brighter days of Spring!”

Thanksgiving 2019

Planning for Thanksgiving 2019

Planning ahead to take the stress out of the holidays. Thinking  about preparing for Thanksgiving.


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