Herding Ball Reviews: Fun Facts: What, Why, How

Sneak Peek. In a few weeks we will be posting video and photos of Mya in action with her herding ball during a training session. Crafts4Rescues will also be doing a review for you that I will be posting. Stay tuned. For now enjoy this preview.

Herding Ball Reviews

My daughter said ” I want to get a herding ball for Mya.” I said “What is a hurting ball?” I could not figure out why she’d want a hurting ball. She specified “MOM a H-E-R-D-I-N-G ball!”   So I went to my friend Google and looked it up. Who knew there was such a thing? I didn’t.

Purple being my favorite color and I was buying it for a present for my daughter on a holiday and her favorite color pink wasn’t available. I found the best price on Chewy that shopping trip.

I have a audio of my daughters product review, pictures and videos of Mya playing or rather I guess proper terminology is exercising with her ball coming very soon! Stay tuned.

Herding Ball Reviews

Meanwhile here are a few links I have found that we used when researching which balls to get




Chewy.Com Jolly Ball



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