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15 Ways I have and do make money from home.

Looking for ways to make money online?

There is always option 1= selling stuff online at eBay, Amazon etc.. I will write a note at another time detailing the pro’s and con’s I find on each site I use to help you decide which sites you wish to try.

Surveys and pay per click emails

Other ways of making money or saving money while online is A)Taking Surveys
  B)Pay per click/read emails C) Free products for being a tester/reviewer.
This here is going to be a work in progress. I will be listing the sites I have tried and giving them some sort of  a rating with description. As I find more sites and receive payouts, I will let you know which ones work best in my opinion.

Companies I have tried

Inbox Dollars, Cash4Offers are two that I have tried and both accounts were deactivated because though I did do a lot of click through emails, I did not participate in enough offers. Cash4Offers is so so if you wish to join book clubs etc.. though it recently has added grocery coupons, trial pay, games and surveys.  :/
Hits4Pay is another one that is fairly easy but takes a long time to earn pay outs. Simply you view advertisers offers and get 2 cents per ad read. This account though does not deactivate you if you do not meet their minimum requirements.It could be better if they offered some of the things other sites do to earn such as coupons, games, trial offers or surveys so you can earn faster.

My Favorite Few

My absolute favorite so far is I earn points for watching videos, finding swagcodes,using the toolbar, doing polls and surveys, playing games and much more. I even earn just for using their search engine to search the web.:/

Mypoints  and Sendearnings :/ are also two that I use frequently, I have received quite a few free gift cards from Mypoints for just clicking through emails and doing a few polls. You can also shop through Mypoints and earn points per dollar spent. There are several other pay per shop sites (upromise,kickitback :/  ,ebates…)I will be writing about those another time. Some of these sites offer grocery coupons that if you print and redeem you earn points. Every little bit helps. I have received payout from Sendearnings by cash in my paypal account and so far much prefer them to inbox dollars and cash4offers. I am currently re testing these two last ones to see if they have improved. Memolink is a click through site, so far I am not impressed.
I had written a blurb about my experience as a Bzz agent, All You reality tester, Viewpoints and Vocalpoint reviewer but Facebook ate it.  I’ve done a few product reviews on  Viewpoints.
Another site I use to get $ or rewards is Mycokerewards, Disney Rewards. both of these and also Tropicana you input proof of purchase and get points to redeem in gift cards or products. Don’t forget Pampers and Huggies do the same thing if you have a baby in the house.
So far my favorite is still Swagbucks, it is the easiest and quickest, The best reward for me so far is the $5.00 Amazon gift card. They do offer other items and other dollar amounts but this item is the best deal so far. I earned $30.00 in Free Amazon product in a short time.
erewards and emiles are two others I have used. The e rewards you have to keep an eye out and use your points before they expire. emiles is not high on my list of priorities to click through.

Online Shopping

Shop online? Don’t forget to start at one of the pay per shop ( etc…) ALSO if the store has a rewards program its worth it to join. I use Best Buy Rewards, Staplesrewards, RusRewards and DunkinDonut Perks and have got great rewards from all of them.I do miss the Dunkin Donuts gas price discount though. I hope they bring it back. My husband is an avid Dunkin Donut drinker so if his coffee saves on my gasoline its all good. :) Do you shop on eBay?. eBay has started a rewards program called eBay Bucks.
survey sites : national consumer panel ,valued opinions and  Pine Cone Research are both being tested.
A game site I have used is Winnie Winster, its okay but takes forever to earn rewards.

.I have not made a whole lot of money with this one but every penny helps and this one is easy Free Paid Surveys

There are more idea’s and opportunities as I said.  I will keep writing to let you know what I find that is most worth the time.


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