Big Reasons I Stopped Buying Young Living Oils and Why I Like Revive

81 / 100

Why I like Revive:

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Why I like revive
They have no ‘secret’ information. They do quality testing and its all available to the public.
They are not an MLM which was my biggest thing with the former company I was using.
The prices for oils that are very comparable to the others are much more reasonable.
You can go to this link to see what blends they have that are comparable to the others
You can see this womans blog review of her comparison here
FAQs they do not have negative reviews.
For those that have asked me for information I am sorry it took so long for me to get back to you!!
Zoo here and I’m not just talking about the animals. LOL
This is my referral link for those that want it
I have an eBook called Pest Away  I offer  as a free download
Why I like Revive: I really like all of the recipes I can find on the Revive website to create my own blends.  This company has saved me so much money.

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