Save Money

Make Money- Save Money

In 2011 I had written a blurb about how to make money at home or online. I came back across it today. Since I have tried various methods I am going to be giving the real scoop and correct some myths.

1) Making money from surveys and sweepstakes is not quick and easy. It is going to take a lot of time. Do you have the time to invest? Some are going to pay better than others. What time of day will be best for  you to block out and work on it?


t is not a get rich method but I do earn a few bucks and gift cards to help stretch our budget. You need to figure out if you want to spend your time here or spend it earning money that will average you more per hour.

2) Making money at a job like Amazon Mturk is not going to rake in big bucks unless you are like one of the ‘pros’ that know all the tech ins and outs to get the better bigger paying hits. When I tried it I did a lot of low paid hits. This does add up to savings on our Amazon purchases or a few dollars in the Paypal account.

Again you need to think what your time is really worth. If you enjoy doing it as a hobby and make a few extra bucks great. If you plan to make big bucks do your homework first. It can be done but it is not something you can jump into and get instant returns on your time.

Believe you can and you will

3) Some have found great success at reselling stuff online. It was something I tried for awhile and found some preach how easy it is. Again how much is your time worth.

Second for someone like me with a packrat tendency it could become a problem when I kept everything given to me hoping to make a few bucks off it to build a resale business.  It is not easy. It takes time, organization and salesman skills that I didn’t have. I ended up practically giving things away in order to make a sale.

4) Of the earning points for reading emails is my best find, Recycle bank Is another. Again these take time to accumulate points to redeem into gift cards. I go through MyPoints or Swagbucks when doing shopping online to earn a lot of my points.

5) One of the best companies I have found so far is Between Swagbucks and Mypoints I have earned more gift cards than several of the other programs I was involved in.

6)Other rewards programs that I have used to earn free products gift cards are mycokerewards. Disneyrewards and kelloggsfamilyrewards.  I really only rack up points on the Kelloggs rewards these days and it still takes a lot of time and remembering to scan those grocery reciepts is sometimes a task I forget about.

7)Places to make some cash on the side I have tried are Fiver and Task Rabbit. I did not have success there but many people have.

8) Our biggest way to save money is to not give in to impulse purchases. Remembering to take my water bottle with me so I don’t stop and buy a coffee or soda when out doing errands. Taking time to think about do we really need that new item or will it just be one more item cluttering our space?

9) Are you crafty? Maybe try selling some products you have made on Etsy or Facebook Marketplace and see how it goes.

10)  I am working on improving my skills to work freelancing or as a virtual assistant.

I am going to round up some resources here to help you get some ideas from others on ways they are earning income online.

Some other resources that I have found helpful are first of all the Morning Chores blog. There is an article  about making money from your homestead as well as several other helpful posts.

I will continue to update this post with resources as I come across them.