Five Minute Friday: Goal

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This weeks prompt : Goal

This week’s Five-Minute Friday prompt is ironic since my this topic has been on my mind a lot.  I have small goals, big goals, health goals and wealth goals.   Weight goals and not being late goals. Okay seriously Yes, I know I am not Dr. Seuss so here goes my five minutes now…



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I used to set goals and resolutions every new year only to realize that I am tired of the same old goals and not really making the changes that I kept wanting to happen. So, this year I decided instead of making a bunch of resolutions and plans that will likely just get forgotten like previous years I decided. 


I made a commitment not a resolution . I made a commitment to take control of my health. For the last few years it has been spiraling out of control.  Here it is June and I have been working hard at it but I this past week was in the E.R. twice and am feeling like I must not be working hard enough at it if I am still struggling this much.

I am not going to give in to defeat though. I am going to stay determined and take back my health. I have reached out for accountability partners; my family is ready to see me back on my feet and driving them crazy.  One of the doctors told me I was a ‘medical mystery’.


That is not really comforting but I guess if the shoe fits, I will just have to wear it and solve the big mystery.  I am not calling it a goal because like in a soccer game that requires keeping score. I am calling it life changing.  I am not calling my nutritional changes a diet; I am calling it a healthier eating plan. 

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  1. I, too, need to take control of my health. I lose weight then get tired of tracking everything and relax my efforts and the weight slowly creeps back up. Very frustrating, I am trying to keep making smart choices and hoping that with enough good choices it will eventually snowball like compound interest. Good luck with your efforts and thanks for sharing. FMF #47

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