What Is It Worth To Me? Five Minute Friday Linkup

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What Is It Worth To Me?

I am linking up with Five Minute Friday. We are given a word prompt and the challenge is to free write for five minutes.  This weeks word prompt is worth.


What is it worth is a question I ponder often. Decluttering I come across objects and wonder what its value is and if I could sell it. Or does it have too much emotional worth attached for me to let it go.  For the longest time and well to be honest still now I struggle. I struggled with my self value for the longest time. I never felt good enough or worthy enough. Over time and years ago frequent therapy I see value in myself and in what I can offer others.

I see the mental health statistics skyrocketing and wish I could get to those folks and tell them to not quit. That they  have so much value, I wish they could see it. I want them to see that if they hang on it will get better. I want them to see that their value is more than enough to keep fighting for. Their lives have value.

The stigma is what often keeps us stuck though. Being ashamed to share the battle going on in our head. Too many people are losing that battle. To me if I can help one more person to keep on going because I shared my story it is a difference and I want to do it.  I am trying to break the stigma. I want to advocate for others and help them hang on for one more day and then another. They are have so much value. They just don’t see it. You are worth it. Hold on for one more day. 


Worth an image of jugs with the word Worth


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