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Five minute Friday is a linkup where we are given a writing prompt. We spend 5 minutes with the timer on and free write.

Once, Upon a time there was a little girl. Her name was Laurie. Her Mom nicknamed her Lollipop and had a story made up about Lollipop Land.

Laurie grew up. She got her first computer and began using the nickname Wabbit.

Wabbit’s Big Mess is a story she’s been working on over the years. Cleaning up Wabbits mess has been a long term project so the story is far from complete. Lauries story isn’t over yet either. Neither is the Lollipop Land Story.

Once Again, Lollipop Land  again came to life to a little girl during an adventure with Roselia Rabbit and Rainbow Unicorn. They normally went to Rainbow Unicorn land but sometimes they ventured over to Lollipop Land.

Once Again: Get up and try it again

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