April 2024 A to Z C= Coping Skills

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Trying to figure out a word to use for letter C that relates to the topic of mental health… I put a search in and came up with this list of words.  I am going to be focusing on coping skills for this letter.

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Coping skills are defined as “Coping skills are the tactics that people use to deal with stressful situations.” on the website verywell mind.

I think the first tools I’d recommend for coping skills are getting adequate sleep. Eating as well of a healthy diet as you can. Getting some physical activity.   I’m going to circle back to saying again work on getting quality sleep!! Practicing some sort of mindfulness. Working on focusing on your breathing.

For me I tend to get scattered and stressed out when I feel overwhelmed with tasks I need to do. So here is where making lists, setting goals and prioritizing them becomes important.

One big very obvious coping skill aka needed tool is learning how to set healthy boundaries.

Sometimes the coping skill can sound as simple as taking a bath, calling a friend or even taking a much needed nap.

Use all of your senses, Focus on the taste of your food. Smell the scents around you. Especially in springtime as things start to blossom. Listen to some soothing music. Touch and stroke a soft blanket. Feel the comfort of your favorite chair.

Make sure to do something you enjoy each day, if only for a few minutes.

This is just a very brief list of ideas of things that can be used as coping skills to get through each day.

I have a favorite app I use called Finch. It reminds me to do these things to take care of myself so that I have something left to give to those I care for.


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