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20 Books Of Summer 2020

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20 Books 2020

Though jumping in a bit late in the summer. I am linking up with 746books.com for  20 Books of Summer 2020

She describes the challenge as “Crazed reading during the warmest months of the year” with “Panicked reviewing as you try to cram everything in to the time frame”

Reading at night is the time I give myself to shut off everything else and escape and relax before sleeping hopefully through the night.

The challenge is running Monday 1 June and finishing on Tuesday 1 September. Last year I completed my reading  but did not get to reviewing all 20 books,

This year I am listing the crazed reading I have completed on my Goodreads and Amazon lists since June 1st. Starting today’s date I will have a list of books still to be read.

My posts about the challenge will have this hash tag #20booksofsummer20

image description pink and blue sky with the words 20 books of summer

Cozy Mysteries

1.ACF BOOKENS Plotted For Murder

2.Glad One (Read)

3.HIdden a bloom in waiting (Read)

4.Gore in the garden (Read)

5.The Russian and aunt sophia (Read)

6.A Fair Time for Death

7.cookies and chaos

8. ring a ding dead
9. moth busters
10.violets and venom
11.https://seekingserenityandharmony.com/2020/07/06/dancing-in-the-narrows/   (Read and Reviewed)Dancing Narrows
12.Bad Caterpillar I Read in June by Suvi Chisholm this would be a good book for a homeschooling mama to add to her kids reading list.  (Read)
13.The Long Tail  of Trauma by Elizabeth Wilcox  (Read~ Review Coming)
14.Cleo McDougal Regrets Nothing: A Novel (Read)

15.Hems and Homicide   Via Audible.com (Next Up on my to read list)

16.A Scandal At Eastwick

17.Ghostwriters in the sky

18.Hidden in stone

19.The Snowman Killer (Read)

20.Bad To The Bone (Read)

21 Dead On Donuts

Wendy Meadows Maple Hills Myster Box Set 1-4 (Read)

Mooved To Murder (Read)

Carnage At The Christmas Party (Read)

In The Hills Of Windy Meadows (Read)

As you can see a lot of these are cozy mysteries. I love all genres but for fun I am crazy for cozy mysteries.





If you are homeschooling I am compiling a list of recommended Usborne books for different age level curriculum on my Facebook VIP Group

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