2019 Starting From Scratch: Talking About The Journey

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2019 Starting From Scratch: Talking About The Journey

Well big sigh. I had a half written post in my quick drafts folder but apparently didn’t save it properly. I thought it was pretty good too. Oh well starting over.

I was talking about the journey. A mix of the journey having many paths along it. Dealing with health issues, Feeling brave enough to post our writings publicly. There are so many ways I could go with this.

I have had many detours along my journey and hope that the lessons learned have taught me well. I hope that I can turn those pain and struggles into positive work in helping others.

The Lost Post

I had written a post and it disappeared before I finished it. This particular post was about how I stumbled back on some old blog posts I had written over 10 years ago on a different blog. Some of those old posts could not really even be called blog posts. Those old posts were more like tweets if I had been using Twitter at that time. I imported a chunk of my old blog attempts onto this site in the archives. It was interesting to me to compare my newer posts with my posts back then.

The Journey

[bctt tweet="I would like to say I have grown both as a person and as a writer. Writing has always been a love of mine but due to my low self confidence it was something that I rarely dared to share. It is definitely not something I would have dared share publicly." username=""]

Heather Bixler #WriterWednesday

Reading Heather Bixler’s Writer Wednesday post she said what I often think.
Heather said or rather she wrote “I have been held back by the fear that what I say, write, and believe in will cause others to reject me in some way.”

This is something I often struggle with. Well to be honest for most of my life I have struggled with the fear of rejection. I see it so often now a days, folks rushing to judge someone on how they did something, what they wore and so on. It is unrealistic but  I have this desire to be liked by everyone.

Bloom Where You Are Planted

I am hoping that anyone that looks back at my old posts will see that I have grown both in my writing and as a person.

New Beginnings

It is spring, a time of new beginnings. It is not only a time for hatching eggs, tapping trees and planting seeds but a time for evaluating what I would like to improve on. There is no such thing for perfection. There is always room for growth and change. I am a lifelong learner. I love to learn and that means continued growth. I want to blossom and be the best that I can be and do whatever I can to bring positivity and hope to others.

I blog about my journey with chronic illness as well as my growth as a person. I want to be an advocate and inspiration to others. I  hope you will stop by my blog again and see what I am up to.

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  1. What you’ve shared here is a common struggle for writers, I think. And perfectionism affects us in other areas of life, too. I’m learning and growing in this along with you. “Enjoy the journey” is such a cliché, but it’s been so helpful for me to remember. Rather than focusing on an end goal or aiming to achieve the ideal TODAY, I try to enjoy where I’m at right now – like your graphic, “Bloom where you’re planted.”

  2. I love seeing growth in myself as a person and a writer–how cool that you have things that you wrote long ago to reflect on now. I have my high school students keep all of the papers they write for my classes and then look at their growth their senior year. I’m your neighbor at Mary’s Literacy link up :).

  3. I can relate to this so much. I often feel that hesitation when I write – it’s like we’re opening up and letting out our deepest feelings at times. I worry about what people think and worry that I am giving too much of myself. Every time I hit the ‘publish’ button, I have to take a very deep breath.

    I also have an old blog which I started writing about nine years ago. I look at some of those posts and think, oh my… lol. Some are salvageable though – I might reuse them at some time, with some adjustments.

  4. This is good sometimes to stumble upon your earlier days of the journey .it helps to reflect back where you started from and where you are now. I keep planner for this to monitor the changes .keep fighting.

  5. I was diagnosed with Bipolar l Disorder 20 years ago but had been suffering long before that. Sometimes I go back and read my journals from these years and marvel at how far God has brought me. Then there are times I see the same issues are still thwarting me and I am reminded to keep trying. Life is not a straight line but adventurous curves that allow us to revisit ourselves as we move forward.

    1. Life is truly a journey. It is good to look back and reflect. Thank you for stopping by and commenting.

  6. I like reflecting back to my old posts as well. When I look back I see how I use to write trying to please everyone but after I stopped, and wrote from the heart–I started to write great things people could relate to. It’s awesome to look back to see how you grow as well <3

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