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Lonely in a Crowded Room

Lonely in a Crowded Room

I am linking up at Five Minute Friday

During five minute Friday we are given a word prompt and write for 5 minutes. You can read more about how to participate here.

This weeks Five Minute Friday  Writing Prompt is Lonely

You can be in a Crowded room and be feeling lonely even though not physically alone.  I am most definitely an introvert, this doesn’t mean I want to be alone. It means I have to find the balance between being social and finding alone time. I want to have friend get togethers , family gatherings and yet when they happen I can still feel lonely in the crowd of people. Whether this is an attachment issue or just a normal introvert struggle I don’t know. According to what I’ve been reading there is a science behind it. But I am determined to keep taking baby steps and do my best to overcome the sense of feeling lonely when I’m surrounded by loved ones. I don’t want to walk around feeling like a sad country song playing in my head constantly. I want more joy and connection and less feeling alone and sad.

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If you’d like to try something new this week to combat those feelings along with me, Here are a few articles with some tips



















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