Happy Easter Day 2019 From Harmony Homestead

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Spring Chick Days 2019

It is spring time and spring chick days started at the end of February. Tractor Supply is running a fan photo contest.

Here on Harmony Homestead I had a hatch that had only 1 turkey and they do best when they have chicks with them to teach them to eat and drink. We didn’t want him to be lonely so ventured out to Tractor Supply to find him some friends. Surprised I found two ducklings that were marked down to .50 cents each, They had to come home with me. I also brought home four bantam straight run chicks to keep the turkey poult company.

One day I was surprised to find turkeys that they told me they never have in store. I guess this year they are trying turkeys in store for the first time in our area at least. They only have the White and Bronze Broad Breasted from Hoovers Hatchery. But I bought two.

All The Colors

For some time now I  have had a goal of having all the colors of chicken egg in my colorful egg basket

I need (okay its a want more than a need) a nice dark olive egger and a nice dark copper Maran egg. I love the look of those they look like a yummy chocolate egg. Well on the inside they look like a normal egg just in case you were wondering.

Then I also discovered a new breed Hoovers Hatchery’s  Prairie Bluebell chickens. I already have some reliable Easter egger chickens giving me the blue/green colored egg and a few with a blue egg color. Before I left I did however buy two Hoovers Sapphire Olive Eggers since I only have one who lays a light olive color. I can’t wait to see how dark these Sapphire Olive egg layers lay.

TSC Chick Days Fan  Photo Contest

I discovered they are having a TSC Fan Photo contest. They say “Upload photos of your TSC chicks, ducklings or backyard flock using the hashtag #ChickDays on Instagram or Twitter,” There is also a place to upload on TSC here. I posted a few of my pics from this years babies to the contest. Our two turkeys and sapphire olive eggers and our 50 cent ducklings named Cookie and Elmo by my teen daughter.

Animals as Easter Gifts

On another more serious note statistics show that the majority of Chicks, Ducks and Bunnies bought at Easter time as gifts for kids end up being discarded. Those of us that volunteer for local animal rescues know this is  a reality all too often.

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PLEASE if you or someone you know has bought an animal and no longer wants it PLEASE do not just dump it out side beside the road or in the woods and so on. There are numerous rescues and sanctuaries that will find the pet a new forever home. Please reach out if you want guidance in who to contact to rehome the pet safely and humanely.



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