Celiac Disease Does Permanent Damage

A few weeks ago I posted about the Celiac Disease Foundation. I read a recent update from them that research showed that the damage to the gut is irreversible. That is disheartening but it is not decreasing my resolve to get as healthy as I can be. I have learned a lot during my journey down the road of Celiac Disease.

It is not a fun road, It has a lot of bumps and pot holes. I am amazed at how much food has changed since I have been on this journey. You can read some of my gluten free posts by looking in my topic drop down menu on the side bar.  An example is a review I did on gluten free bread choices here

8 Facts About Celiac Disease

  • Someone with Celiac can get sick from cross contamination.
  • You can’t just pick the croutons off the salad and be fine
  • Using a toaster to cook gluten free bread that others cook regular bread in defeats the purpose. You will be cross contaminating your toast.
  • A miniscule amount of gluten is all it takes to make someone sick for days.
  • It takes at minimum a month to repair the damage that was done inside the gut.
  • Avoiding gluten means avoiding more than just wheat. It is in Barley, some oats and many ingredients in food.
  • Damage from Celiac Disease can not be undone. It causes permanent damage inside the intestines.
  • Celiac Disease is an autoimmune disease

More Facts About Celiac Disease

  • There is a genetic predisposition to celiac disease.
  • Gluten causes permanent damage to the patients immune system by doing damage to the intestinal lining.


In Conclusion


Okay Okay I know that was more than 8. I could have gone on for a lot longer. There is so much to understand when dealing with Celiac Disease. Gluten free living is not a fad diet choice for us but a medically necessary requirement. You can read more in depth about the permanent tissue damage here.

How you can make a difference

I am doing a fundraiser for the Celiac Disease Foundation. You can go here to view more about why I believe it is important .

May is celiac disease awareness month. I have committed to raising 150 by May 17th for Celiac Disease Foundation. If you would like to donate you can click here