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                                                                   LETTER Y

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Words that start with Y~ 480 Scrabble words

rocks two heart rocks one says peace one says wisdom






Your Self


In the vast expanse of mind’s terrain,

Where yarrow blooms midst joy and pain,

Amidst the yawns of weary nights,

And yolks of burdens, heavy, tight.

Yet in this space, where shadows creep,

Where mental health, in silence, weeps,

There lies a strength, untold, unseen,

Within the self, where dreams convene.

Embrace the yarrow, healing’s balm,

Through whispered winds, its soothing calm,

For in the yawns and yolks we bear,

Resides the courage, staunch and rare.

So tend to your self with tender care,

For in your heart, you’ll find repair,

Amidst the yarrow’s gentle sway,

Yourself, your light, will guide the way.

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