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Write 28 Days

Write 28 Days February 2022

Write 28 days, not necessarily with ease
I am participating in the Write 28 days challenge. It is February 6. Today’s word prompt is ease
I’m joining a host of writers participating in a Write 28 Days challenge sponsored by Anita Ojeda. I missed several days so far already. I am working on setting a routine that sets my days up for ease.
Ease, I don’t dream of a life of luxury but I do dream of a life with much more ease. Easier days of functioning with less chronic pain. Days of less stress and more serenity.  I guess I’m dreaming of a simpler life. Though then what is a simpler life, is there truly a life with more ease?
Ease. Seeking Serenity and harmony. Image of mom and child enjoying the outside.
As my children are all now adults I miss all of the family time we used to have. Now especially since the pandemic life it is so hard to feel connected to loved ones and friends. We just aren’t as free to pop in to visit each other as in days past.
Okay maybe I’d like a little more luxury of being able to have my family come home from our day jobs and a nice hot dinner is there waiting to be served us while we eat as a family. Then the same magic restores the kitchen to cleanliness before I put my head on my pillow so that morning coffee can be had without waking up to a disaster zone in the kitchen.
Ease, I think if  I could master shutting my mind off for awhile would be nice. Is that what they call putting your mind at ease? When you have struggled with chronic depression for many years having a quiet mind would be a nice vacation.

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  1. I pray you have wisdom in how to ease the pain you are currently experiencing, “Dealing with multiple chronic invisible illnesses on a daily basis.” I do pray that His peace that passes all understanding will guard your heart and your mind in Christ Jesus and that you will experience a calm, peaceful and quiet mind.

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