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How is your last week of April going? It has been busy around here.

I’ve been participating in the A to Z Blog Challenge this month. My focus has been trying to relate my posts to the importance of mental health. I have a freebie called Stress Less. My goal is to get an email challenge or a mini-course set up on ways to use self-care and limit stress. We may think self-care is selfish, but it really is important. When on an airplane, they tell you the importance of putting on your own oxygen mask first if you want to be able to help someone else. My intent in starting my blog was to raise awareness and educate people about mental health. The best way we can take care of our mental health is by taking care of ourselves.

     Self Care

Goals we are working on here at Harmony Homestead this spring include getting our poultry stock started again. It will be nice to have our own fresh eggs. Meanwhile, we have cute little ducklings. In the incubator are chick eggs soon to hatch. Seeds are being started.


My mentor for goals and planning is Cara Harvey at A Purpose Driven Mom.  I was a beta tester for her course, The 15 Minute Formula. This is no longer a course; it is now available as a book. I was also part of the book launch and every time I read the book and do my planning sessions, I learn a little more.  Or maybe its not that I haven’t learned it but that I haven’t been practicing it. It gets easier over time.

A new to me project is freelancing for a fellow homestead blogger. Over at Salt in My Coffee, you can see two new recipe Roundup posts that were put together by me.

16 Recipes For Microgreens That Are Huge on Flavor



What are your dreams, goals and plans for the upcoming month of May? Drop me a note in the comments. Let me know how I can help you. 



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