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Free Write on the word Tiny

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When I saw a word prompt for todays Five Minute Friday was the word tiny, the first thing that came to mind was when I was a new mom with teeny tiny babies.

Now those babies are adults. Even my grandbabies are big kids

Babies: I wonder what it’s like in their minds. Feeling tiny in a great, big world

I want to make an impact

I dream of making a difference. Something I’ve done or said changing things for the better.

I was reminded of the story of the starfish. Maybe saving that one starfish will create a tiny ripple that will lead to big changes for the good somewhere down the line

The Starfish Story Photo Credit:


I’m just a tiny dancer in a great big world, hoping my song and movement will make a difference out there in the great big world.

Tiny Dancer

purple tiny ballet dancer shadow

Those tiny starfish I threw back into the ocean will make a difference to more than just me. Let’s hope it helps light the way for someone else to see

That is all that matters to me

Shining light, love, and hope for more than just you and me. Hope and love spread from sea to shining sea.  From a tiny action.

Think about those starfish and the ripples in the ocean. Isn’t nature just beautiful? If we can help just one, at least, then the ripples will spread and help others.

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