Those Maybe Days….

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Memories & Maybe Days

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Memories, Its amazing that even things we don’t ‘remember’ The Body Keeps The Score, It holds memory.



Embracing the power of “maybe”. Having “Maybe Days” could refer to those moments when we’re unsure of what lies ahead, when the future is unclear and unpredictable.

But also in  “maybe days,” there’s a sense of openness to possibility, a recognition that anything can happen.

Maybe better things are coming together.

Maybe this experience is going to help you get to where you’re meant to be.

“Maybe” opens you up to a world of possibilities.” ~ DailyMotivation.site

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It also reminds me of a book recommended in our foster parenting community. The book is called “Maybe Days” It addresses many questions and helps kids understand they are not alone in the frustration of waiting for answers.

These “maybe days” invite us to live with curiosity, resilience, and a willingness to embrace whatever comes our way.

What is on your “maybe” list?  Are you caught in the middle trying to decide which path to take? Are you wondering if maybe you had done something different what would have happened?  Don’t stay too long in those maybe days. Try to make a small plan of action (baby steps) for tomorrow to take the path towards the goal you want to reach.



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